Low Cost Load Distribution for Static Content

Ever wanted a more reliable website, but couldn't afford upgrading your static servers? Here is a very simple approach for distributing server load across multiple data centers to provide greater business website availability. Notice, this is a low cost load distribution system, not load balancing.

Because you really can't control DNS caching, this method only provides data center level distribution of requests. If you have significant volume, you may still need host aware load balancing at each data center.
This model is great when you want up-time and aren't ready to invest in hardware. A few software solutions are available for under a thousand a month to manage 1,000,000+ impressions, depending on the density of your content.
Using DNS round robin with fail over and monitoring, you can improve your overall availability while spreading around requests across several data centers. Think of this the step before using a content delivery network, with multiple service points.

I'm using DNS Made Easy for my static pool round-robin with fail over and site monitoring, a very cost effective solution that works with what I'm recommending here.

You'll find this the easiest to manage with primarily static content. File distribution is done on the back-end by script, with redirects to a primary site if files are not found.
While this is not a technical article, this method works on both Apache and IIS virtual servers (dedicated servers are faster but will cost more.) I've even used it for migrating from shared servers.
If you have your application separate of your content, you'll be able to still handle database transactions. For example, this low cost load balancing delivers images, CSS, and JavaScript, while a single dedicated server handles requests.
Because this approach doesn't require special software or hardware, you'll be able to implement it starting small. As your site grows you can include up to 12 locations, each with load balanced back ends.
If you are looking for low cost distribution services that improve up-time while enhancing visitors experience, then contact our offices. There is a bridge between high cost content delivery networks and where you are now that can save you money.
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