Managing Multiple Websites for a Single Purpose

Your prospective customers want content, authority, and focused web sites that help them solve specific problems. This often means you might need more than one website.

This is were it gets tricky. The more websites you own, the more time you'll need to spend keeping them up to date. Here's a sample of the questions I ask of my clients when helping them manage their sites:

  • Are you providing relevant content that helps visitors use more of your product or service?
  • Are you featuring materials from recognized experts, either inside or outside your company?
  • Does this website focus on a single aspect of your product or service?
  • Are you interacting with visitors to create leads or customers?
  • Does this site focus on a single vertical inside your business?
  • Does site navigation segment visitors into particular product or buying category?
  • Is this web site tied to any particular off line campaign?

You may find it best to work on one site at a time, keeping any secondary sites strictly focused on driving leads or on a per event basis.
I use these questions to help clients focus their properties on their sole single purpose of driving new leads to their business. Even educational sites help create leads if the sites have great content, authority, and help visitors solve problems.
Remember, your business isn't website management, but instead the sale of industrial solutions or a professional service. When ever possible, be featured on third party sites to reduce your overall hosting costs.
The biggest mistake I see clients make is focusing all their efforts on web site design and very little time on generating revenue. In a future article, we'll talk about different types of websites and their individual purpose as you expand your online value.
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