Not Understanding Article Marketing Can Hurt You

As I see more business-to-business content in article directories I realize how little your webmasters know about marketing with articles. Not understanding article marketing can hurt website traffic instead of helping.

Very often the Internet marketing information that makes it to business webmasters is old and dated. Article marketing once was a way to drive traffic quickly to your website with only a few articles.
Now because Google is looking at entire site context, not just your content, poorly managed article directories can hurt you. Search engines want to drive visitors to specialists who provide unique and credible information.
Many directories cover 90 different topics, accept any article that comes by, and really lack any unique value. They include thousands of broadcast articles with little value that are also published on thousands of other websites.
Now, more than ever before, who you associate with determines who associates with you. Meaning, setup shop in a bad neighborhood and you'll get bad traffic worth very little to your business.
Article marketing still works, but expand your approach to include Magazines, trade publications, and niche websites. To each site provide unique content that adds value to your industry, not just promote your business.
Because context is important, links to your site will be judged by the company they keep. Look for directories who focus on business-to-business content specific to your industry. Focus, don't broadcast, and you'll be rewarded with relevant traffic to your website.
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Justin Hitt
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