Optimizing Content Web Pages for Greater Profits

Here's what I use on top traffic catalog referring pages and key landing pages. There is a careful balance between improving sales and messing up a good thing. Ask these questions before tuning high traffic pages if you want maximum profit:

  • Does meta description and keywords properly reflect the article? Drop any low production keywords, include new keywords more relevant to content, and tighten up your copy.
  • Are materials properly formatted to standards of the site (i.e. quoted text, byline, and offer)? Often older pages don't benefit from new discoveries, tuning here improves consistency and shows search engines you actually do maintenance.
  • Are there any contextual references that could be made to related products? This means new hyperlinks as long as you aren't adding more than 3 per body of the article.
  • Do you have a strong byline that creates credibility for a specific offer? It only takes a sentence to move a reader to become a lead, take them somewhere specific and relevant to content provided.
  • Are all existing links doing what they are supposed to and working? Fix broken links, adjust affiliate links, and tune relevance of meta information in the link. You'll also want to audit landing pages and order links to make sure they still work too.

Increasing sales from your business website starts with these questions but ends with the instruction you provide your web team. These questions help develop that instruction. As you'll see, relevance in your message to market match has more value than looking good as far as sales production is concerned.
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Even if you don't already have the tools to do this type of optimization, start collecting your raw server logs and use some kind of analytics system. The more resources you have in these areas, the better your insights for answering these types of sales boosting questions.
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