Page Speed Is A User Benefit

While Google doesn't currently put priority page speed as a factor for ranking, they agree that speed is a huge benefit to users. After watching the video below of what Matt Cutts of Google says, I'll share a few points I've found in website management.

Matt Cutts discusses page speed factors for mobile

Here's what I've found about page speed while managing hundreds of websites over the years, including very high-volume catalogs and directories. Top three benefits of faster page load times:

  1. Faster pages can mean less time on page but more pages visited on a site by a single user. There is a false measure of time on page with sites who have slow page loads. Often visitors will let pages load in background windows, meanwhile, wandering offer to your competitors site for what they were really seeking. When your page loads fast, visitors are more likely to click through.
  2. Fast page loads of content elements increases conversion rates. Focus on getting your content, sales letter, or catalog details loaded before the rest of your navigation. Get the most important content to your visitors objective a fair chance to be seen before navigation, or even your template.
  3. Smaller shorter pages have better pass along value if relevant. Display only the information necessary to solve the visitors problem, don't show them everything if they visitors don't want it. This focus and ease of read promotes pass along because visitors can quickly assess value.

The benefits of fast page load times out weight any website management time invested, besides, it can often reduce your costs of hosting for high traffic websites. Here's a checklist of areas for improving the speed of your website from both a visitor performance and marketing return perspective. You'll be happy you did.

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