Passive income is the real value of an agency

Do you want to earn more with less effort? Copywriting is the place for lifestyle, earning capacity, and new opportunities. The challenge is how most freelance copywriters approach this wonderful world.

Many chase assignments. Others hang out in marketplaces. At the same time, the most successful copywriters develop agencies with systems and support to get more clients. The best copywriters get larger, high-paying assignments with the leverage of agency.

This episode shows you how to gain agency to earn multiples of what you earn today. To have more consistent assignments and better clients. No matter the economy, you can earn three to four times the national average.

Freelance copywriters who follow these insights will build teams, develop pipelines, and dominate their market. They do this with the most powerful and in-demand skill of copywriting available. Being a better copywriter has no value without this knowledge.

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