Plan Domains Before Your Design

Am I better off to add on subdomains to my main web site or Just create new websites using a different domain name?

What is the purpose of your Internet marketing effort? Some marketing professionals like to build websites to generate traffic for Google Adsense, while others for advertising.

The problem for the business-to-business or industrial marketer is that your web sites need to be for lead generation, customer education, and generating sales of your core product. Don't get distracted by the Internet marketing hype.
I've seen solid marketing professionals seduced by the promises of Internet marketing profits, doing everything from selling advertising to building huge portals for their industry. Ask yourself, what business are you in?
Having multiple niche sites in your industry is a good strategy when done right. However, plan your domains before you start building or designing properties.
Imagine one of your niche sites will generate leads for affiliate marketing, while another niche will be used for testing advertising campaigns, and other for Google Adsense keyword tests.
It's better to develop unique separate websites (perhaps all hosted on the same shared hosting account to get things started) than it is to pollute a domain with unrelated content.
I have 0+ independent websites for sales and marketing professionals, some sites do very well, others not good at all. But every step of the way I was able to get valid test results because I used separate domains.
Understand, buying domains is fun and easy, building sites feels like you are doing something … but if you don't plan your domains before you design your site, you're just wasting time and resources!
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