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Discover the Secrets of Writing Copy That Sells

Welcome to a unique look at the business of copywriting, as well as insights for writing better copy.

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Now you can go beyond the written word into psychology, persuasion, and methods that gets copy written.  Learn to write faster and get more clients.

Insights about writing copy that sells and the business of copy writing. Discover practical advice that helps write copy in a profitable way.

A podcast for copywriters, marketers, and business development professionals. If you want to get better results for clients while growing your book of business, then you are in the right place.

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Increase Your Income as a Copywriter With More Profitable Clients

Episodes cover getting more from past projects, ways to supercharge content creation, and the business of copy writing. Surprisingly useful approaches you won't find anywhere else.

An excellent resource for small agencies, in-house copywriters and marketers. If you are responsible for business growth, then you are in the right place.

Topics include direct response marketing, internet marketing, and using data to target hot buyers. Featuring insights from Patrick Quinn, master copywriter and author.

Forget the hype about the power of copy writing. Each podcast focuses on a practical outcome you can achieve with words that sell. Join the podcast announcement list above.