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In this unique, no hold barred approach to getting more from copy that sells, you’ll learn:

  • How to write copy faster: Never again stare at a blank page, always have something of value to write.
  • Secrets to controlling human behavior: Get prospects running to you with money in hand for every offer.
  • Methods that makes copy more readable: Reach busy prospects in a meaningful way with simple techniques.
  • Discover the mechanics of getting copy written: Produce more high converting copy on schedule forever.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting to write copy that sells, or you’re producing a million plus in measurable results. Get practical insights in every podcast.

A Little About Your Host Justin Hitt

Justin Hitt is a high-income consultant and publisher who uses copy writing to attract profitable customers. With more than two decades of experience with direct response copy writing he's still learning.

Episodes feature insights from Patrick Quinn, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Jim Straw, Ted Nicholas, and other top producing copywriters. Justin Hitt takes you on this journey while applying these same insights to growing his own consultancy.