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The AdBriefing Copywriting Tips Privacy Policy

Your privacy is so important to me that I make a sincere promise not to share, abuse, or misuse your email address for any reason. Every word shared with you in the ADBRIEFING COPYWRITING TIPS newsletter or any message sent to you will focus on powerful copywriting insights from proven hand-selected copywriters.

Your Privacy is More Important Than My Convenience

If you should ever feel I don't have your best interest in mind, or you don't like this newsletter, that's fine. Every newsletter, message, or communication shared with you will have an unsubscribe link. You can also write my office, contact us anytime to leave our database.

(Any historical purchases will remain for tax purchases, but your contact details may no longer be associated after 24 months automatically.)

Because of this business resource, I am cautious about sending only quality materials. If you should receive something you feel isn't of the highest value to a growing copywriter, please forward the message to me with your comments. All emails sent by me will come from my address.

You get messages from an actual email rather than a faceless “noreply@” address. That means you can reply to any message to ask questions, and someone on my team will see it. If you want to reach me (Justin Hitt) directly, fax or mail is best.

What This Website About Marketing Collects About Visitors

This website DOES collect your email address, various contact information, collects answers to questions, and relevant activity at this resource. Contact information improves our ability to serve your needs and provide relevant copywriting tips.

Staff will research your full contact details even if you don't provide them to update our customer relationships management (CRM) system. Successful publishers practice data quality and list management. At any time, you may opt-out or purge your records at your request.

Plug-ins or hosting features may collect additional information that we do not control. Refer to the third-party resources privacy policy for details. Understand that the internet is NOT anonymous; however, we allow private browsers and secure communications.

If you find that a third-party provider blocks, throttles, or otherwise collects information about you to which you do not consent, then anonymously fax our offices at (877) 486-8461. Our web hosting team will try to correct any issues found.

The Parodox of Privacy Policy for a Marketing Oriented Website

The copywriting ideas, insights, and tips provided on this site are oriented towards copywriters just getting started and experienced copywriters. The newsletter may also include comments from other readers that may or may not represent the interests of this publication.

As a copywriter, marketer, or business development professional, you know privacy is dead. Mailing lists rentals targeted advertising, and visitor profiles tell you more about visitors. What visitors post on social media is revealing as well.

You'll learn about list segmentation, measuring marketing, and how to know more about visitors to serve them better. Our goal is to increase the value of our services to you as a member or subscriber.

Notice: This website is hosted in the United States yet observes international privacy policies to the best of our abilities. Contact our offices with any concerns. All written removal requests will be honored.

Disclaimer: This publication isn't suitable for everyone, especially people who do things without proper planning or expert counsel. Your particular situation may not be ideal for using these insights; this site takes no responsibility for any hardships you may create for yourself.