Proven Article Marketing Traffic Tips

Many hype article marketing as the end all for traffic creation, it's useful if done right, unfortunately so much advice fails to create long term streams of business website traffic. Here are several proven tips to bring you real traffic month after month:

  1. Write articles for target niche sites. I periodically offer exclusive and unique content to target publications, websites, and niche resources. Choose these sites by their value to your target audience and always required a “dofollow” link back in your by-line.
  2. Use article deep linking to build context. In the byline point to your main website but in the context, point to a deeplink article. Connect each article to anothers with the same theme, make it easy for visitors to find your other materials.
  3. Write to a specific buyer with a specific problem. Focus on one buyer, one problem, and if you have two problems to cover then write another article. Readers want bites, not full meals on-line.
  4. Use converting keywords to identify new article topics. Article marketing provides keyword insights you can't get from a catalog page or sales letter. Collect and use this information to improve content.
  5. Use articles that handle objections around sales copy. Where you place your articles matter, do you want them to buy or sign up. The generic blog just won't do it anymore.
  6. Write articles that create curiosity before asking for the lead. A properly written article has a desired action, each article has it's own purpose for you and the reader. Only invest in article marketing when it helps current processes.
  7. Compile hand picked articles into print publications. For business advertising, your buyers still want to touch and feel your content in physical sources. Compiling articles into other media helps reach a larger buying audience.

Do you have questions about successful article marketing for a business website? You don't need to be a writer to get started, in fact, you already know everything you need to for using content to attract buyers to your website.
Using these tips (and other insights I'll share on article marketing) you can drive quality traffic to your business website. The underlying key is quality of content, audience targetting, and connecting with the conversation buyers are already having about your solutions.
Notice I didn't say to use article broadcasting software to toss your materials anywhere, results come with focus. Put your articles in front of buyers, not search engines, but real honest to goodness decision makers. This takes some research, add a properly written article, and you'll get sales results.
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