Quick Ways Copywriters Boost Cash Flow (New Product Ideas)

Are you struggling in the new year to make your income goals? Too many freelance copywriters don't know how to create instant cash surges.

Quick Wins for Copywriters Who Want New Clients (YouTube, 47:12)

Stop Wasting Time With Same Old Content Marketing

Not knowing how to attract more clients, copywriters and marketers fall back to gimmicks. They get distracted with things like content marketing.

In today's episode, you'll discover two easy-to-implement client-attracting approaches. Implement these for measurable results. Start attracting more profitable clients.

Even if you are worried about artificial intelligence, off-short writers, or competitors, never get undercut again. Start attracting quality clients who pay, stay, and refer.

Upgrade Client Quality Without Writing Commodity Content Marketing

When coaching clients heard this episode back in January 2023, they immediately implemented it. One copywriter added two five-figure assignments in three months.

Both were very similar to the unique ideas shared in this episode. Another copywriter got an assignment worth four figures with five figures worth of follow-up.

I won't promise you'll earn four or five figures using this method. All I can say is that intelligent copywriters use this approach to boost their income, and you can too.

Savvy Copywriters Get More Projects With Credibility

Offer the client any one of these products helps focus attention. Prospective clients can see what they get from your services.

Instead of more content, you are identifying ways to get more customers. Nobody wants content, pay-per-click, or client newsletters; they want customers.

When you show up as an authority in getting customers, you reach the top of a prospect's attention. Content marketing isn't as good as this.

Want to increase your credibility? Authorities get more clients. Check out this resource, Establish Instant Credibility.

Use these new product ideas to boost cash flow quickly. When you show up differently, you can charge more and get more. Are you ready to get started?

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Justin Hitt
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