Raising The Value

By Patrick Quinn, Professional Copywriter

Every ad, brochure, website or radio commercial should initially fulfill one very important task. And this is to raise the value of your product or service in the potential customer’s mind.

This has nothing to do with a policy of low pricing or, indeed, cut-price offers. But it has everything to do with making a sales pitch that immediately demonstrates the outstanding value of your goods and services – no matter how much you are charging for them.

Look at it this way, a gallon of petrol costs around £4, but if your car runs out of gas on a lonely, rain-swept moor in the middle of the night, with the prospect of a 30-mile walk to the nearest filling station, how much would you pay for a gallon of petrol from a passing stranger? £10? £20? £50?

And there’s the essence of it. The value of that gallon of petrol is raised in your mind by your circumstances. Likewise, the cost of a given product or service is in direct ratio to the importance of owning it.

Are you with me?

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Patrick Quinn is a copywriter, with 40 years' experience of the advertising business in London, Miami, Dublin and Edinburgh. Over the years, he has helped win for his clients just about every advertising award worth winning. His published books, include: The Secrets of Successful Copywriting. The Secrets of Successful Low Budget Advertising. Word Power 1, 2 & 3.

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