Reasons to Consolidate Domain Management

For businesses on-line you may have more than a few domain names, one client of mine had more than 3,800 domains. The JWH Consolidated Network (which I manage) owns more than 300 domains with 72 active websites. One common problem is domain management.

Here are some of the reasons to consolidate your Internet web site domains:

  • Protects domains tied to trademarks
  • Quickly identify trademark infringement
  • Establish usage of maximum number of domains
  • Farm relevant keywords in your market
  • Reduce domain buy costs with timed purchases
  • Better manage expiration dates to prevent domain grabs
  • Get the right name quickly with auction watches and monitors
  • Easily audit name changes and where your domains point

New rules make it difficult to pursue judgments against cyber squatters if your organization doesn't act fast enough. Proper domain management gives you that speed when you know how.
My clients have used various services, I personally rely on the domain management of my HPD Domain Registration and recommend other solutions in a post on the B2B Website Profits forum. However, the key is to bring all your domains together in one place to simplify management.
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