M0206C Behind The Scenes

Discover The Hard Truth Behind Editing and Publishing Words That Sells

Have you ever been frustrated by technology while writing? Do you have concerns about your computer running too slow? Have you ever dreamed of having only a notepad and pen, simply because they won't crash on you?

If YES, then this behind-the-scenes tutorial is for you. Over the years, I've recorded many training programs and have written thousands of client assignments. See some of the mistakes I've captured over the last twenty years.

What Would You Do When You Make These Horrible Mistakes In Writing Copy?

Subscribe to this tutorial to see what happens when producing content. It's a great way to get familiar with our training platform. Discover the truth behind editing, including nightmares Murphy's Law delivers to every copywriter.

What Happens in Busy Marketing Agencies and to Freelance Copywriters

You get instant access to this growing tutorial of failures, mistakes, and lessons. Seeing what an idiot I have been to deliver this resource to you is for those who want to feel better. Not to discourage, but instead to educate and relieve your stress.

According to Grammarly, I've written 447 thousand words in 2021 alone. If there is something that can go wrong with editing processes, writing tools, or disk storage, I've seen it. Some of those adventures are in this chronology here.