Shocking risk reversal guarantee fills seminar rooms

A powerful guarantee removes risk from the prospect by taking away the fear of failure.  Both risk and fear from choosing the wrong solution.  As a copywriter you can remove this obstacle to purchase using a “Risk reversal guarantee” like the one featured here.

This is from Australian copywriter Steve Plummer, a long time AdBriefing Copywriting Tips subscriber. It's one guarantee that uses the power of “FREE” while eliminating the pressing concern about a prospect wasting time.

This risk free proposition gets highly qualified prospects into seminars without breaking the bank

As a background, Steve uses this guarantee is for a two-day seminar program for copywriters. What is the biggest fear of anyone when it comes to showing up at an event? For some it may be the costs, but for all it definitely is a fear of wasting time.

With seminars you'll get more people to show if they pay something, however, a lead generation seminar may want to filter in the room.  It is possible to get both commitment and a large audience depending on how you present the offer.

This guarantee gives the customer FREE, while getting the promoter a REFUNDABLE booking fee.  Tire-kickers are likely held off by the fee, while a larger group of serious prospects get free from the guarantee.

Why is this important?  Let’s look at things from the prospect perspective.

For taking a day off work, driving down to the venue, the customer gets a full day of training to decide if they want to invest in the two-day program.  It seems like the prospect gets so much before having to make a decision.

It’s easy to measure this kind of campaign to test the guarantee.  Registration will capture the name of individuals who follow through on the booking, then refunds would be backed out.  Very few will back out to ask for a refund for science reasons.

Each attendee will have a strong desire to stay because of the escalation of commitment.  They (1) committed to a booking fee, they (2) committed to show up, they (3) committed to evaluating the value of the event, and finally (4) they are driven to stay because the crowd often choose to stay.

With a strong guarantee like this one the prospect soars across the threshold resistance of “yet another seminar.”  Gary Halbert and Ted Nicholas each mention this type of guarantee where the customers check isn't cash until the prospect is completely satisfied.  Literally the checks are sitting in the back of the room for them to pick up if not completely satisfied.

Removing risk make “Yes” decision making easy.  This is one way you can get started.  Use this type of guarantee to help someone to just try rather than being on the edge about your offer.