Strategic Information Gathering

Do you want to understand the intimate details about why your customers buy? With these insights, you can create a stampede of buyers. This undercover gimmick does that.

Every industry has detail-packed reports revealing industry trends. These reports can be $2,000 to $10,000, depending on who writes them.

Somebody writes those detail-packed industry reports. But who do you think benefits the most from them? There is an audience buying them.

Imagine sitting down with your very best prospects. They let you pick their brain for deep psychological insights. You discover every little detail about their secret desires.

This strategy for building customer relationships starts with the prospect survey. It goes further, documenting everything you learn in a valuable artifact.

Trade associations and chambers of commerce commission this kind of research report. So do large corporations. They both want research reports on the needs and desires of your customers.

A more valuable aspect of writing these reports is the process. Use the information to interview prospective customers and then publish your results. It is a touch that isn't a sales pitch.

Call your prospects in a specific niche with genuine interest. Seek to understand the state and concerns in their business. This gimmick puts you in front of buyers in a non-selling environment.

You get to pick their brains about your buyer's biggest challenges. That's right, start in your niche. Ask prospects for their opinions, concerns, and frustrations.

You'll be doing an excellent service for your customer's industry. Meanwhile, collecting valuable strategic information you couldn't get any other way.

Done right, you'll also gain valuable face time with real decision-makers. Share your findings with these individuals. Help them solve the problems you identify.

After you're done, save the report for sales planning. You'll give copies to your best customers who serve the same target niche. They will enjoy what you discover.

You can even be selfish, keeping these insights to yourself. The key is research, not pitching. For you to discover what customers want, you start with genuine buyers.

Decision-makers love to share their experiences, opinions, and thoughts. As long as you can give them something of value. In return, the more extensive research becomes a product for your agency.

Can you see how this might work to position you as an industry expert? (ED. Speaking of experts! Justin Hitt is about to publish his new book, “Establish Instant Credibility.” Available early 2023.)

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