Strategic Information Gathering

Somebody writes those detail packed industry reports, but who do you think benefits the most from them. Imagine, sitting down with your very best prospects, picking their brain and discovering every little details about their secret desires. This undercover gimmick does just that.

For a trade association or your chamber of commerce commission a research report on the needs and desires of your customers. Use the report to interview prospective customers and then publish your results. Can't be a sales pitch, truly seek to understand the state and concerns in their business. This gimmick puts you in front of buyers in a non-selling environment where you get to pick their brains about your buyers biggest challenges.

You'll be doing a great service for your customers industry while collecting valuable strategic information you couldn't get any other way. Done right you'll also get valuable face time with real decision makers. After you're done, save the report for sales planning and give copies to your best customers who will benefit from what you've discovered.

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