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How to Finally Make Big Money As A Copy Writer Without Grinding Out Content

Two tracks to choose from.

The first track is for copywriters getting started or who want to tune their skills. The second is for high-income copywriters who want the lifestyle and freedom this skill offers.

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In this PRIVATE members program, you'll get insights so that you can:

  • Write business-to-business copy that sells,
  • Make a six-figure income,
  • Get recognized for your talents,
  • Make top dollar for your creativity,
  • Sign lucrative commercial contracts,
  • Generate passive income,
  • Work for home or anywhere,
  • Travel to exciting places (or not),

Instead of writing for soft consumer goods, you'll develop a high-ticket value for commercial, Fortune 500, and industrial copywriting services. Contracts that start in the five figures require no more effort than the dime-a-dozen consumer opportunities.

Best of all, you can profit from years of technical experience without worries of being made redundant or outsourced to some developing nation. Instead, you'll be in demand with little or no competition.

Choose The Subscription Level The Best Matches What You Want from Words That Sell

This PRINT newsletter is mailed to your home, office, or agency. You get physical materials, including reports, audio CD, video, and supplemental materials. Subscriptions are available globally as long as USPS Priority Mail International reaches you.

That means if you can read English in Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and even Singapore, you can be a member. Even Mexico, China, and Russia benefit from this unique service for copywriting professionals.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed: If you don't at least triple the value of your investment in this program adding 10% to your earnings, then cancel your membership anytime. You'll owe nothing. Memberships are month-to-month, you have nothing to lose and a world of profits to gain.

>> It doesn't matter if you work for an agency or freelance; some copywriters make much more than others just because of the market they have selected. Rather than writing about boring everyday items, you'll cover some unique and exciting developments that make economies happen.

>> Your skill level doesn't matter. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time veteran, you'll gain access to resources that help you write copy that sells. Industrial copywriters from around the world gather here to share ideas, exchange opportunities, and serve the fast-growing business-to-business market.

>> It doesn't matter if you've ever written B2B before! Best of all, you can start with any level of copywriting skills, even if you've never written for an industrial application. Even better, many members are former Engineers, Chemists, and Scientists — if they can do it, so can you.

You get practical implementation-oriented tools you can use to boost your copywriting business. Plus, everything you need to train up your team of copywriters worldwide.

Even if you've never written a lick of copy …

The foundation of this program is PATRICK QUINN's £10,000 copywriting mastermind. Plus, you'll gain access to courses and a library of materials designed to get you fast results.

Best of all, you won't be flooded by an electronic well of knowledge that most people fall. Instead, a concierge research approach gets you specific action plans. Each month, new materials focus on what you can do with knowledge about copywriting.

Trying to be creative rather than profitable keeps so many from profiting from this profession. They invest in course after course, never really doing anything to grow their income from words that sell.

That's where JUSTIN HITT comes in to help — he focuses on writing processes, marketing skills, and testing methodology that helps you bring desired profits to your customers.

If you want to get more done, you are in the right place. If you want to earn more with fewer headaches, then welcome home. If you want to be done with the cooperative campaigns that get you customers — then again, you're in the right place.

Today's commercial buyers are getting smarter every day; many won't put up with the Advertising Agency scam of image advertising that doesn't produce sales. That might work selling ladies' panties off attractive models in a glossy catalog, but certainly don't move expensive industrial and commercial solutions.

For Copywriting Skills …For Seasoned Copywriters …
Track #1:
“AdBriefing Copywriting Tips”
1 year for $397 USD
Track #2:
“Business of Copywriting”
1 year for $6,997 USD

Aren't you ready to start earning more, even in this economy? Join us in this copywriting membership today!