The Value Add That Keeps More Clients Returning

In this episode, Justin Hitt shares how freelance marketers increase their income. It starts by understanding the dynamics of a customer versus client-relationship.

He explains how most clients will not put what they learn from marketers in place. You can write the best copy, but if they don't use it, then you get blamed.

Even good clients attribute poor results to your copy. Not because of how you wrote it, but because they didn't do anything. They don't know enough to take responsibility.

Start increasing your income by turning this around. Consider becoming responsible for selling and writing, Even executing marketing campaigns yourself.

This emphasizes the importance of focusing on a specific audience. Provide measurable value to better clients. Doing these things can position you as an expert.

As an expert, you'll command a higher price for your services. This episode gets you started. To start building your authority, get a copy of Establish Instant Credibility.

If you're a freelance marketer who wants to increase your income, this episode is a must-listen.

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About Justin Hitt

A business analyst who specializing in sales generating marketing copy. Author, copywriter, and publisher of newsletters that help clients transform business relationships into profits guaranteed. More than 20 years of experience with technical writing, sales copy, and lead generation. Reach him by Fax at +1 (877) 486-8461