The Internet is Constantly Changing

Doesn't it seem like technology changes faster than any one person can master? How do you keep your website up to date with technology while still attracting customers? My answer will surprise you …

In 2003 I wrote about an exciting new application programing interface (API) that would change how I access information. You can read my article at “Example of Data Integration, Google API“, if you care. I raved how this technology was going to save me time (with fantasies of automated data integration dancing through my mind.)
Fast forward 5 years and the article becomes just another broken link on my website. Because technology changes, you can't rely on it as a core marketing tool without heavy maintenance.
Blogging today is pitched as the end all communications tool, along with social networking sites, and other new media like Twitter. However, what will these tools look like in 5 years, will they even work. (Some, like Technorati, fail to work consistently today.)
Periodically I find floppy disks around my office that I can't read, hard drives I can't use, and other out of date technology tools. What's my point?
When using the Internet as a marketing tool, you don't need to be cutting edge as much as consistent. Using the basics well will create better results than the latest thingamajig.
I know you don't want to hear that, but think about it from a practical prospective. A sales person who spends 6 months training up, is beat by a wet-behind-the-ear newbie who gets a few things right in the field.
With technology, you lose time in the implementation if that implementation doesn't bring in customers. Keep your website simple, keep your technology focused on creating the right kind of results. Technology for technology sake will ruin your ability to create profits from your website guaranteed.
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