This Will Hurt Your Affiliate Marketing Channels

If you utilize affiliates to grow your online sales, then don't do what Staples is doing with its affiliate marketing channels.

In May, I received a letter from Staples about changes in their affiliate program. The letter states:

“Staples is experiencing short term budgeting constraints across all marketing programs for June and July. As a result, the affiliate channel will be affected and commissions will be reduced for the majority of our publishers over this short time frame.”

What they are saying is that, while affiliates are helping them sell products, we're not going to pay you as we have in the past.

The letter went on to say that “some commissions will be reduced to $0 until August to ensure the program stays within its extremely limited budget.

Are you making this same mistake with your sales force? Affiliate marketers are helping you sell products, cutting their commission will cut their interest in your program.

An affiliate marketer really doesn't care about your “short-term budget constraints.” Any cut in commissions reduces your value to them, many will move on to another program.

Instead of cutting commissions, find other areas to reduce costs. Never cut off those who generate revenue for your organization, even if temporarily. I'll follow up this story with tips on making your Internet sales channels more profitable.

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