To Park or Not to Park a Domain Names

“Why park domain names? What do I get out of it?”

While there is a whole business of domain speculation, as a business-to-business firm with real solutions to sell, I want you to stay away from just randomly parking domain names.

Parking unused domain names has value. By parking a domain name you can:

  • Collect keyword and referral metrics about what traffic is available around a specific topic;
  • Hold domains for future projects without concern of having them challenged by a competitor;
  • Protect misspelling of current properties or products to prevent domain name squatting by competitors;
  • Reduce future costs by securing related domains before speculators;
  • Direct traffic to specific properties using decision pages, or special landing pages;
  • Get particular domain names indexed while developing content around a particular topic;

The biggest mistake companies make is using external “one size fits all” parking may say the wrong thing (or not enough about our properties the visitor could be paying us to visit.)
To get the most from parking, you'll need to group and classify your domain names. Domain name parking can be a useful part of your marketing strategy when you have a plan, and cause just as much harm when you don't.
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