Too Much Focus on Organic Traffic?

How many people are really searching for the product or service you offer? Think about it, do potential customers really know what to search on to find you? The answer may surprise you.

For complex business-to-business solutions you may find too few people searching for your topic to benefit from organic search traffic. It's nice, but you can't build a business on the free stuff. For some keywords SEO is a waste of time.
The big problem is that while many wait for organic traffic they miss huge opportunities with going direct to their customer. They miss out on PPC, article marketing, publicity, contextual links, and the hundreds of other ways to get traffic. Search engine traffic is nice, but it comes in it's own time.
Your business website needs to first get the attention of prospects before it will get the attention of search engines. Meanwhile you can benefit from direct marketing to your buyers through other media they already use.
Search engines are designed to help people find content, if you have it available, and it's targeted, you'll be found. However, you can today attract customers specifically to your site just by asking them directly. You can invest today in driving sales if you know how.
Who is it that should participate or benefit from your site? When you have a clear picture of who your audience is, then reach out to them specifically. Use your client newsletter and marketing with your existing customer base to start driving interest.
Reach out to your trade association, industry publications, and other media already in front of buyers. If you just sit around waiting for someone to look for you, those buyers will likely be picked up by your competitions outbound marketing.
The best approach for driving sales and lead generation on your website is the direct approach. Through permission based marketing, direct response, and other targeted advertising you can build sales while others wait on the coveted organic search.
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