Copywriting Books and Training Resources

As someone responsible for writing sales copy, you want to stay top of your game. Many of these copywriting resources are recommended periodically in our newsletter:

  • Tutorials that build copy writing skills,
  • Resources for writing copy that sells,
  • How to make money as a copywriter,
  • Copywriting tips newsletter archive,
  • Special features on writing sales copy,

Resources for Writing Copy that Sells

These resources help you specifically with improving copywriting skills. They include tools for writing headlines, opening paragraphs, and other copy elements.

  • WordPower III: The Copywriters Bible — Word Power III gives you over 200 pages of solid Advertising Techniques, Advertising Tips and Copywriting Solutions. All carefully indexed for finding fast answers to advertising problems.
  • World's Best Kept Copywriting Secrets — Read this book tonight and wake up tomorrow morning writing “Killer Copy” that doubles or triples your response rates.
  • The Step-By-Step Copywriting Course — The Search Engine Copywriting Course that shows you how to increase your sales and your search engine positioning.
  • The Copywriting Crash Course — How to “cheat” your way to creating profitable copy that works, discover the secrets to the most profitable advertising in history.
  • The Secrets of Successful Copywriting (Members Only, a $29.95 value) — Writing copy that sells is easy when you know these steps for turning words into orders.
  • Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers and Copywriters — Proven rituals that help you write faster, smarter, and make more money. This guide will dramatically increase your writing productivity and earning power.
  • Power Copywriting For The Internet — Bob Serling provides a step-by-step, paint-by-numbers copywriting course that pulls in more sales and more profits with every web marketing piece you create.

How to Make Money as a Copywriter

Many AdBriefing Copywriting Tips readers are freelance copywriters; these resources help you find assignments more quickly and stay ahead of the game as a business.

  • How To Make A Fortune Writing For Fortune 500 Companies –Want to know how to make money as a Freelance Writer? Interested in Corporate Copywriting? Then you have to have this book!
  • How To Get Your First Copywriting Client In 14 Days Or Less — Report shows you how to get copywriting clients in as few as 14 days, even if you are a new or seasoned copywriter.
  • Freelance Markets for Copywriters (Members Only, a $69 value) — Unlock your earning potential as a freelance copywriter with an exact strategy to find profitable markets quickly.
  • Write and Grow Rich — All you need to know to make your dream of becoming a freelance writer come true is contained in this book, including how to break into the lucrative corporate writing market.
  • Content Marketing Opportunities for Smart Copywriters — Tutorial shares how trends with on-line content marketing open new doors for the smart copywriter. How to spot trends and profit from them.
  • The Secrets of Successful Low Budget Advertising — Learn how to write headline benefits, body copy, and many ways to get customers on a budget.

Your voice is essential. Write us with your feedback or comments about these training resources. What books or training for copywriters would you mention here? Let us know what you think.