Trying to sell on the Internet

You can hear it in his question; he is stalled out, frustrated, and does not know where to get started. He is in the same place as many, looking to Internet as sales salvation. Fortunately, it is easier to get started than you think…

Internets = Parody motivator.

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I have been over 2 years trying to get to sell on line, and I still have no idea on what to do or how to build a site. I also have no idea how to build a list or write a blog.” — John B., Bristol, UK

If success on the Internet was possible with just being able to build a website, then everyone would be rich on-line.  When you know how to write words that sell you can start right where you are now.

Begin with who you are to a specific buyer.  Forget who you are as an individual, or even what you have to offer. Do not fall in love with your product.

Your ONLY focus needs to be buyers!

What problems can you already solve for which specific buyer? There is something you have done in your life to this point that is of value to a specific buyer who has money to spend.

Perhaps it is something you are passionate about, a profession where you have skill, or something you are already selling.  Use words to frame what you offer in terms of what buyers want.

For me I focus on what prospective clients get from business development, including copy writing and marketing solutions.  My website is the least of communications designed to generate leads and attract clients.

Because I have sold for and worked with they types of businesses I serve, I know what problems they face.  Rather than bore them on my website with lots of specific how-to, I demonstrate the value of solving specific problems. What should be on your website:

  1. An irresistible offer designed to capture a qualified lead,
  2. Customer success stories that demonstrate your value,
  3. Specific monetary offers that get visitors started as client,
  4. Means of requesting more information about solutions,

Use words that speak to specific buyers.  Tell stories, connect with emotions, and drive home key points with factual pre-sales materials.  Your website is about customer service and lead generation primarily.

Experience can come through others.  My dad worked 22 years for a welding supply company that had some of the same challenges, or interacted those types of businesses I serve today.  If you or your company is going to be mentioned it is through the eyes of a client as a character.

During a few summers, I did work in these types of businesses.  I know what problems decision makers face in this category of work.  What is your affinity with prospective clients?  Tell that story.

You choose what is right for you. If you are just trying to make money, then you can get a better job or work more hours. Just understand following this guide will make you stand out.

Line up all your competitors websites side by side, 9 out of 10 of them are garbage because they do not do what is required to move a customer relationship forward.  Sad enough they will all look about the same.

Even ugly websites created by novices will do more to grow your business than a fancy site built by an expert.  However, do not get too involved building your websites.

You do not need to know how to code HTML, or write scripts, or even what is hosting to have an income producing website.  The website is not the business.  Your customer is the business.

Best of all, thousands of vendors are available to build simple websites.  In my contracting experiences, I have hired the types of firms I advise in marketing, as well as done business development for them.

They want basic information from a website, then have more pressing concerns than which Theme to use.  More importantly I have invested the time in knowing that what I provide clients want to buy.

Finding buyers for your business is the most important thing.   Do this easily by making a habit of studying your customer’s desires.  A website about your buyer is the best.

Focus on what you can do for someone using words they can understand. Every page of your site will help determine what they want to buy. It is also useful to look at the products target buyer has already bought. How did they buy it?  Where did they go for information before the purchase?

It is possible that many possible customers are not on-line.  This means you will have to reach them through other mediums.  When you start simple, you will have funds available to market by e-mail, postal mail, or telephone.

If you are just getting started, then use the four checklist items above for each page of your site.  When you focus on your buyer, it will not matter what you post as long as it gives them real good reasons to contact you.

Good news is that you can test what works and know what does not.  If you have done anything that worked in the last 2 years, then build on that.  If you have not started, then start with something, even if it is ugly.

How you focus the words, you use matters more than anything else.

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Justin Hitt
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