Turns your content catalog into passive income

This new approach turns your old content catalog into new passive income. Recycle your very best marketing, content, videos, and more. Reach more prospects and qualified leads faster.

There are so many channels available to reach your prospects. Many channels have specialized optimization needs. Your qualified prospects are loyal to these channels, but you aren't there.

Big tech wants you to focus on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Yet hundreds of channels exist that they don't want you to know about.

Your prospects are on platforms like Rumble, Locals, Bitchute, Odysee, and TikTok. Then again, they might be somewhere else. The right marketing analytics and testing reveals all.

Marketers love stirring up “End of” predictions for these platforms. Most creators can only focus on one or two platforms. The truth is that your collective pool of prospects spans every channel.

Good news! You already have the content necessary to expand and test across these channels. Yet most content creators want new and interesting. That's a recipe for failure.

I don't want interesting; I want effective. Your bank account wants boring, consistent, and growth. If you only publish on YouTube and your customers are on Rumble, you miss out on a huge opportunity.

Platforms are changing faster than most can keep up. That's why it is critical to have a content-recycling strategy. You create content; our team can syndicate that content to every relevant platform.

By relevant, I mean market-tested to reach the highest percentage of qualified buyers. Do not spray and pray. Coding every message and maintaining a content library helps you know what works.

You don't need to be everywhere, only where your customers live. With the fragmentation of media sites, don't miss an opportunity to test. Go where prospects are more familiar.

Subject matter experts with a backlog of content can build their in-house media. In-house media is profitable and low-cost. It starts by bringing prospects back to your website.

But it doesn't have to be a website. It could be a transaction that puts them in your accounting system. Getting that opt-in lets you make offers on your terms. Converting them in-house is powerful, but you must own the media to do it.

You will be removing the distractions they face. But building a membership site, course, or community is hard work. It takes technical skills you likely don't have. That's why I've launched a content curation service.

Even better news! Our team can do all the heavy lifting if you have a back catalog of content. Turn that content into passive income, new revenue sources, and high ticket sales.

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