Two Tools to Get The Domain You Want

Your domain is the street address of your business on-line, and location matters. I've talked about choosing the right domain name, however, how do you get it if someone else has already registered the domain.

Understand that most domains aren't being used and are available for the right offer. Domains also expire or failed to get renewed. These tools help grab up those domains.

Both services provide auctions, offers, parking, and expired domains. While both tools are similar, they have different batches of domains. Be sure to use both.
I've bought a number of complete websites through these services, and often sell off unused domains on these services. They are easy to use and provide escrow services to make sure you get your domains.
Understand while every website and domain has a price, some prices people expect are unjustifiable. Before you buy, do a cost analysis to determine if the domain is worth it. Set a reserve price before starting to bid.
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