Using Your Website to Find New Markets

Imagine targeting your next marketing campaign to the specific city (geographic market) that already has interest in your solution. You can do this if you know what to look for in your business website.

Use web analytics statistics to determine major city markets to advertise. This can be used to select regional publications of specific magazines for your industry, or to target trade events for sponsorship.

The reasoning behind this is because you already have advocates in that city who took the time to visit your website. This same type of targeting can be combined with geographic characteristics of your lead generation (or overall customer base.)

This kind of targeting can reduce your costs in service, it also helps field sales representatives be more time effective.

Just be aware, you'll still need a small amount (no less than 10%) advertising that covers your entire sales distribution area to identify other hot markets. You also want to use this to test first, then roll out on full market coverage lists. Because you are target marketing specific geographic locations, you are likely to pick up more from the same area.

If you do not eventually roll out to cover your entire sales distribution area, your overall measures will be skewed towards where you are advertising. This is called a “bias.” For maximum results, you'll want to cycle through local tests followed by regional then larger area roll outs.

Driving leads into a capture system gives you the maximum value in targeting future efforts, while improving lead follow up (which is critical to making sales.) This strategy works even if you don't have fancy web analytics software, it also doesn't require a lot of web traffic.

When you can target city level activity, you can also identify responsiveness of area targeted marketing or the efforts of resellers. This is not an exact science but does help you lower your marketing costs, while improving your lead generation.

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