Using Images to Drive Traffic

Image search marketing can be a great way to drive traffic to your business website from relevant popular pictures. Do this wrong and you can get your site completely ignored. Here's how to get started using images to drive traffic.

Image search marketing starts with relevant and interesting pictures that represent your top search phrases. These images are used in or around relevant content. The biggest mistake marketers make with this kind of marketing is to use irrelevant yet popular pictures.
When individuals search on Google (or Yahoo or Live) for your topic, they get the option to see related pictures. Your topic needs to be something people will want to see, so start with existing keywords that make sense.
Logical places to start include pictures of product, parts inside products, and other things visitors already search on. This might mean you may include pictures of a parts assembly, detail drawings of your product, and other items customers may need in the use of what you offer.
When you find a popular image, build on that. You also want to make sure the image is actually popular and isn't just being pulled from improper use. Using your keyword phrases, popular images, and other web analytics you can attract residual traffic from image search marketing if you know how.
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