What Freelance Copywriters Can Use to Get More High-Ticket Assignments

Discover a proven way to attract more high-ticket clients. This system has helped my clients create more than a billion dollars in a little over two decades.

My Strategic High Ticket Selling System Revealed (Spreaker, 38:19)

High-Ticket Sales Are The Fast Track to a Seven-Figure Agency

How much will it contribute to your seven-figure copywriting agency? Use it to build your freelance copywriting opportunity.

Do you want a seven-figure agency? Use this strategic system for selling high-ticket solutions. You are five steps away from bankable results.

What if you don't want a seven-figure agency? Use this to get more high-ticket assignments as a freelance copywriter or marketer.

Even Walking You Through Every Step, Very Few Have the Courage to Take Action

Many will ask, “If this system is so powerful, why would you share it?” Here's the sad truth about human behavior.

Most who start listening to this mega-podcast episode won't finish it. Even fewer will take action. Be an action taker, not a content consumer.

The majority looks for “marketing secrets” that don't require effort. Something that will magically work in every economy. Those shiny objects are an illusion.

This high-ticket-selling system is strategic. In teaching it, I demonstrate how the system works and how you can make it work.

There is no need to create gobs of content. Content marketing is a distraction. You don't have to design a high-ticket product either.

What Smart Freelance Copywriters and Marketers Do To Get Seven-Figure Results

Start where you are today as a freelance copywriter, marketer, or subject matter expert. Don't be a part of the distracted masses.

This proven system is disguised as hard work. That's why I'm not concerned about revealing it to you. Most don't take action.

That work includes:

  • Discovering the needs and desires of decision-makers. Rather than chasing popular topics, you zero in on buyers in a marketplace.
  • Resisting the urge to do something more exciting. You'll have to find the excitement in the results, not the struggle. This approach is systematic.
  • Write content that is both topical and audience-relevant, focusing on visitor intent. Stop writing for search engines. Stop spinning content or using AI prompt drivel.
  • I take what works online and then repurpose it for direct mail. Turn it into video and audio scripts. Start a podcast. That's how you get different buyers.
  • Writing an in-house prospect newsletter AND making relevant offers. Your audience will be ready to do business, but you must offer them something.

Of course, you won't be grinding away without anything to show for your effort. This approach makes big money in bigger chunks.

You can offer paid consultations, consulting days, and even courses. Start with a paid consultation like I've done here. Creating a product is unnecessary if you're starting from scratch.

By the way, I have a PDF of my handwritten notes available for those who request it. I mention it because it might take months for images to be embedded here.

What's awesome about this approach is how it niches down so easily. Even if your competition uses it, you'll still get high-ticket clients who pay, stay, and refer. Give it a try!

My Strategic High Ticket Selling System Revealed (YouTube, 38:19)

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