What Stops You From Getting New Clients?

Every business is challenged with getting new customers, the problem is not every salesperson knows who makes a good client. Are you or your salespeople making these common mistakes when getting new clients?

Here Are Some of the Fatal Mistakes Salespeople Make

  • Desperate chasing of every prospect that breaths. Successful sales people focus on highly qualified prospects most likely to close. They use tools to find these individuals.
  • Assuming a client will buy or won't buy without testing. If you're not regularly qualifying prospects, driving them towards a sale, you'll likely stop pursing great customers out of indifference.
  • Not enough prospecting every day, every hour. Results are created one action at a time, everyday. Too many sales people prospect sometimes and suffer because of it.
  • Failure to follow up with prospects. Whether automated or manual every lead needs enough follow up to let them decide they won't buy.
  • No system for finding qualified buyers. What do you do everyday to get new clients? What do new clients look like? Not taking specific steps to know these answers is a mistake.

If you're challenged by getting new clients, follow this formula: identify, challenge, and qualify to close.

Identify for your sales team the most ideal customers by a number of set criteria. Use the “20 question method” or prequalify every lead with a well-designed marketing campaign. Challenge your assumptions by really understanding your customers, carrying a dialog with them, speak their language.

Then, instead of trying to “sell” a customer, qualify them as the ideal user of your solution, till it's obvious the only choice is to buy. This means nurturing leads and educating prospects, rather than pitching them with endless dribble about your organization.

How Did Ted Nicholas Get Copywriting Clients? (YouTube, 12:43)

If there are fatal mistakes you see salespeople making, then write in for solutions. While many copywriters don't have salespeople, marketing agencies have account managers who make these mistakes.

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