What Happens When Your Website is Down?

For every minute that your business website is down you risk many known losses. It costs you money, customers, and credibility. However, it's worse! Here are some hidden challenges you'll face when your website is down:

  1. Risk page ranking and credibility among search engines. Including the possibility of being de-listed or removed from the index.
  2. Loss and frustration of loyal visitors who won't be able to reach your content or resources.
  3. Setbacks in that income stream that limit future growth on-line, and may make it difficult for visitors to buy from you.
  4. Gap in revenue confuses merchant provider and may trigger a suspension of your account.
  5. Wasting money on Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns because landing pages no longer work.
  6. Upset loyal affiliate who send clicks to something that isn't there, it lowers your conversion rates with them.
  7. Future buyers and subscribers feel their data is not safe because you've been hacked in the past.
  8. Performance suffers causing visitors to leave your site prematurely, and often never return.
  9. Reduces credibility in a certain market place with visitors, vendors, and business partnerships.
  10. Added unmeasured burden to technical staff causing expenses and delays outside your regular budget.
  11. Idles your sales force, causes possible refund issues, and churns overhead hours across your company.
  12. Introduces under press band-aid fixes that come back to haunt an environments.
  13. Loss of future revenue as your “reliability” spreads across the Internet or makes media outlets.

It is difficult to fully measure the cost of a single web site or IT failure. Usually measured by dollars per hour, a single outage can setup two new outages in the future. Properly implemented prevention always costs less than an outage.
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