Which Comes First Traffic or Revenue

Many business publishers run out, setup a business blog, and start praying for the money to show up. Business blogging can add revenue to your business if done correctly. But which comes first, traffic or revenue …

How to use business blogging to increase the revenue of your organization:

  • Advertise your own products or sell space to others,
  • Get into affiliate marketing to provide complementary products,
  • Charge a subscription for exclusive and useful content,
  • Branch out to other niches to test markets for expansion,
  • Use Google Adsense banners to show related advertisements,
  • Generate leads that you'll sell to complementary businesses,
  • Sell sponsorships for specific content on your site,

Of course, these tips assume you have at least 500 unique visitors a day. That's the catch that no one is talking about. The truth is that you need traffic before you'll be able to use any of these revenue streams.
So don't kid yourself, focus on your core business and building credibility in your market place. Stop the dreams of residual profits from your business blog, until you have the traffic to sustain it.
Focus first on provided value to the buyers in your marketplace, then drive them into lead generation and your overall sales funnel. Keep things simple unless your core business is publishing.
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Justin Hitt
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