Why an Industrial Website?

Many industrial and business-to-business providers ask the question, “Why do I need an Industrial website and what's the difference?” This is a critical question to ask yourself if you want website profits.

For so long websites have been oriented towards entertainment, institutional education, consumers goods and the general social interests. Now that many more of your customers are familiar with the Internet, they use it to buy what you offer.
My father drives over the road and couldn't imagine not having the Internet to help find service stations, the best fuel prices, and the best route to deliver your goods. Technology engineers use the Internet to create RFP specifications and when designing complex solutions.
The following factors increased your costs in areas of marketing communications and buyer education:

  • Print and postage keeps increasing in cost;
  • Product specifications are more detailed than before;
  • Inflation drove up wages and material costs;
  • Your customers operate 24/7 and staff don't;
  • Global distribution is easier than ever before, your buyers can be anywhere;
  • Buyers are smarter and doing more research before contacting a selling professional;

You could make a list of all the things that increased your costs, but money isn't everything, your customers are using the Internet to save time.
Imagine your entire product catalog on-line, updated as your internal records change. Imagine qualified leads from your website day after day, in addition to what your sales people create cold calling. The Internet promises these things and so much more.
The problem is when business-to-business and industrial firms go on-line they often end up with nothing more than a nice brochure, instead of a selling tool.
There's more. An industrial website helps reduce customer service costs by providing a self service resource. A few great industrial websites provide ALL of their product documentation to registered customers … saving tens of thousands in printing costs.
Your customers are already using the Internet to find solutions, why aren't they finding yours? A properly designed industrial website speaks specifically to your buyers desires and can be a selling, lead generation, and customer service tool when you know how.
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