Why Do Some Business Websites Get More Traffic

You've invested time, money, and resources into understanding your business website, only to suffer with a lack of traffic. Your site looks good, it is easy to use, but still doesn't get visitors. What can you do?

Worse, some ugly hard to use website beats the pants off you in the same industry with gobs of traffic. They even periodically taunt you with invitations to advertise on their site. Why is it that some business websites get more traffic despite themselves?
A fancy website means nothing without visitors, here are common mistakes business website owners make in getting traffic:

  • Not specific enough niche focus. Be clear about who your customer is down to the point of language, content theme, and mannerisms. Serve one customer at a time on your business website.
  • Not being clear to visitors who benefits from using the site. You only have a few seconds to grab and keep someones attention, you'll do this best with a clear focus on your buyers interest.
  • Trying only free traffic tactics. You will always be able to buy qualified visitors faster than you can trying to attract them with free traffic tactics.
  • Not capturing leads on every page, then following up. Most visitors never return, give them a reason and a way for you to follow up with them regularly.
  • Slow loading pages lacking real immediate value. Your visitors come on-line to save time, not wait for your website to download into their browser, no matter how pretty it is.
  • Not cultivating relationships with others in your industry. Inbound links from quality sites matter, you are more likely to get them from sites that matter when you provide them value first.
  • Only using one Internet marketing strategy. It takes regular effort from multiple channels to build site traffic that is sustainable.
  • Focusing only on search engines rather than target buyers. It will be real human visitors who will purchase from your website, focus on them and search engines will comply.
  • Talking too much about yourself. Buyers care very little about who you are until they know how much you understand their challenges and can help to solve their problems.

These mistakes are critical to avoid in your business website if you want stead traffic that turns into sales. Always start with your target buyer and work out from there, if you avoid these mistakes you'll grow traffic quickly.
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