Why Business-to-Business Firms get into Affiliate Marketing

By Justin HittJuly 15

You've probably noticed that some of your vendors will give you a percentage of new sales through their affiliate programs.

How might affiliate marketing help your business-to-business website:

  • Test possible campaigns direct from competitors marketing programs.
  • Monetize web traffic leaving their site.
  • Better serve the interest of customers.
  • Extend revenue from particular set of buyers.
  • Give more to your customers without stocking inventory.
  • Testing specific markets with proven offers.
  • Generate back end revenue on relationship marketing.
  • Fill under utilized banner space.
  • Create a test basis for marketing efforts.
  • Improve referral channels through existing customers.

As you might see, affiliate marketing has value to extend your reach with as few a resources as possible.
Whether you promote other businesses products, supplement your own online catalog, or have affiliate selling your solutions … affiliate marketing has value to your business-to-business website.
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